Easier on your pocket and the environment
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If you haven’t converted to the fuel of the future by now, then you are losing out on a lot. From being a cheaper fuel alternative it is also safer for the environment. Located in Lincoln, J Hickson motor provides state-of-the-art LPG conversion for all kinds of vehicles. Get your vehicle converted to LPG by experts and enjoy a hassle-free drive, wherever you go.

LPG conversion process

• Establish where best to place the LPG tank.

• In some cases, like with the Jaguar S-Type, the spare is a space-saver – so about half of the available volume is unused anyway.

• With wheel out it is possible to estimate the size of tank that can be fitted – which will govern how many miles can be driven on a tank of LPG.

• The LPG can also replace an ‘under-slung spare wheel.

• An alternative to a wheel-shaped (or toroidal) tank is the cylinder.

• Easier on your pocket and the environment LPG conversion for your cars in Lincoln, Newark and the counties of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire by J Hickson

• Whatever style of tank it is worth noting that, unlike petrol tanks which can be filled to the brim, an LPG tank can only be filled with liquid gas to about 80% capacity as at last 20% of the volume needs to be for the high pressure gas.

• In the engine bay, the following components need to be fitted: a solenoid valve; a reducer unit; a filter; injectors; the LPG electronic control unit; wiring and pipes.

• The solenoid valve can be used to isolate manually the gas supply from the tank to the engine.

• Reducers vary in size and shape, and must be sized to the type of vehicle being converted.

• The location of the reducer is typically governed by ease of plumbing into the vehicle’s cooling system

• As for the injector units these need to be located as close as possible to the inlet manifold.

• An LPG conversion requires the fitting of several metres of pipe work, all of which is trimmed to optimum length and fitted using correct clips and fittings.

• Nearly all modern LPG systems include a combined fuel gauge and switch.

• Following the installation of all mechanical and electronic components, the LPG tank is filled and the system is then tuned using PC-based software.

• Finally the owner is invited to inspect the work, drive the vehicle and is given an explanation of driving on LPG and system service requirements. The paperwork, including manufacturer’s guarantee, that came with the LPG kit is handed over.

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